Work mission to Toronto, Canada – April/May 2019

Between April 29 and May 3, 2019, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Joan Barham of the Graduate Program in Psychology has visited three universities in the province of Ontario, Canada, to verify the interest of specific professors and institutional conditions to establish a research agreement, based on indications from a senior researcher of excellence in the area of Gerontology in Canada, Dr. Anne Martin-Matthews.
This mission was carried out within the framework of the Strategic Theme "Education and Human Processes for Social Transformations": University of Toronto - discussed possibilities of research collaboration, focused on the quality of life of elderly people with health problems related to aging; Macdonald Institute of the Univeristy of Guelph - participation in workshops and meetings to discuss work in progress in the Department of Psychology, in the area of parenting, at UFSCar, to better explore opportunities for collaboration; University of Waterloo - several meetings with researchers/professors and doctoral students to learn about the research conducted at this institution, focused on the most diverse issues of end-of-life dependency.